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Welcome to my world of Destination Wedding Videography

I'm Alfredo Mareschi, an Italian destination wedding videographer, grown up a stone's throw from the Amalfi coast but worldwide available to make the best wedding video for you!

After many years of experience making wedding videos in almost all regions of Italy (I'm only missing Sardinia), I managed to go beyond the borders of Italy, traveling to tell love stories in Switzerland (Zurich) and France (Bordeaux). Not just Europe, I also had the pleasure of documenting a wedding in Brazil! And where will you get married? 

Religious or civil? Elopement, intimate or lavish? What type of wedding will yours be?

Your wedding day is a unique and personal experience, and we're here to capture it in the style that suits you best. Whether you're planning a religious or civil ceremony, an elopement, an intimate gathering, or a lavish celebration, we have the expertise to craft the perfect video that reflects your vision.


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Cinematic, Documentary, or the Perfect Blend: Crafting Your Dream Wedding Video

With the option to choose between cinematic, documentary, or a seamless blend of both, your wedding video will be a true reflection of your love story. Take a moment to explore our portfolio and imagine how we can turn your special day into an everlasting memory. Ready to bring your dream wedding video to life? Contact us for a personalized quote!"

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Wedding Videographer

I love nature, listening to its sounds. This is why I use enviromental sounds in my wedding videos. And as you may have guessed I also like travelling, getting to know different cultures and traditions but above all telling love stories around the world.


I don't follow a unique style, but combine documentary style to tell that day as it happened and cinematic style to make you look like a movie star (as some customers tell us), dramatic to excite you and joyful to make you smile. Every couple has their own story, and every couple deserves to have a personalized wedding video.

Wedding Video

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Italian Destination Wedding Videographer

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