Destination Wedding Videographer: from Amalfi Coast to the world

Hello couples! My name is Alfredo Mareschi and I am a destination wedding videographer. If you are here to learn more about my work, I tell you that there is no better way to do it through a video call! But if you really want, start with some reviews of the couples for whom I have already made a wedding video.

Filming Your Unique Love Story - Wedding Videography

My videography style is a reflection of the essence of each couple. A blend of cinematic and documentary approaches ensures the creation of a bespoke wedding video that truly encapsulates your love. Couples often express, "Your videos are so diverse; we couldn't pinpoint a predefined style. Before choosing you, we had doubts, but seeing our video made us realize you truly work for us. The video you crafted is exactly what we envisioned!"

Wedding Videographers Awards

After ranking among the top 5 videographers in Campania, a region in Southern Italy (as part of the PMA production), recommended by Zankyou, My commitment to videography continued as an individual competitor.


In 2019 I participated in the WEVSY WEDDING AWARDS (Wedding & Event Videographers Society) with the video "THE BOND CAN'T BE BROKEN", being among the top 20 best wedding videographers in Italy:

- 7th position as best young videographer;

- 12th position as best sound producer;

- 15th position as best colorist;

- 16th position as best wedding videographer.

- 17th position as Best Highlights

A Global Perspective

From the enchanting Amalfi Coast to worldwide destinations, my work extends beyond borders. I feel at home in diverse wedding environments, cherishing the playful and emotional atmosphere. Inspired by classic Neapolitan songs, my focus is on observing cultural differences, incorporating them artistically into videos, and turning them into a unique source of inspiration.

Personalized Wedding Films

Your love story is unique, and so is your wedding video. My approach involves observing and listening to couples, gathering insights during negotiations, and discreetly capturing intimate moments during the wedding day. I craft scenes only when couples are together, ensuring the authenticity of romantic and intimate moments.

The Zest of Nature in Every Frame

The use of ambient sounds and voices in Alfredo's videos stems from a desire to evoke emotions similar to those experienced in family home videos. While not present in every video, this creative choice adds a distinctive touch, reflecting the varied preferences of couples.

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Whether you're planning an intimate elopement or a lavish celebration, I am prepared to turn your dream wedding video into a reality. Contact me for a personalized quote and let your love story unfold on screen.

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