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Nestled in northeastern Italy, Veneto offers a diverse range of enchanting options for weddings. Explore these captivating destinations:

Venezia (Venice): A romantic choice with historic churches and Venetian palaces, creating a magical atmosphere for your special day.

Verona: Rich in history and romance, Verona boasts ancient palaces, villas, and charming churches for wedding celebrations.

Lago di Garda (Lake Garda): Surround yourself with picturesque towns and breathtaking landscapes along this beautiful lake.

Padova (Padua): Historical buildings, gardens, and squares in Padua provide an elegant atmosphere for your wedding.

Treviso: Known for canals and a well-preserved historic center, Treviso offers charming squares and romantic views.

Vicenza: Renowned for Andrea Palladio's architecture, Vicenza provides elegant and historic wedding destinations.

Explore these Venetian locales and let Alfredo Mareschi capture the magic of your wedding day through cinematic storytelling.

Wedding at Castello San Salvatore, Susegana

Why Choose Alfredo Mareschi as Your Wedding Videographer in Veneto?

As an Italian wedding videographer, I bring a deep connection to the rich history and enchanting landscapes of Veneto. From the romantic canals of Venice to the charming province of Treviso, every video is a personalized narrative of your love against these iconic Venetian backdrops.

Your Veneto wedding deserves to be captured with the artistry and passion it deserves.

Custom Style for Your Veneto Wedding Video

In my portfolio, discover a fusion of cinematic and documentary styles, each frame meticulously crafted to showcase the beauty of your Veneto celebration. Your wedding video will be a personalized masterpiece, capturing the essence of your love amidst the charm of these exquisite Venetian venues.

Wedding at Parco Gambrinus, Treviso

Explore Veneto Wedding Videos

Immerse yourself in a collection where each wedding video unfolds against the breathtaking backdrop of Veneto's unique charm. From intimate ceremonies to grand celebrations, every video encapsulates the romance and allure of this extraordinary region.

Wedding at Villa Foscarini Rossi, Stra

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