Additional Video Services for Your Wedding Videography by Alfredo Mareschi

Every couple wishes to capture their wedding day uniquely. Some aspire to achieve a cinematic effect that makes them feel like true stars, while others prefer to capture the emotions, promises, and shared moments with their guests.

To best cater to each couple's desires, I am committed to creating a tailored video, a true narrative. Every production is meticulously crafted: from the attention-grabbing introduction, to the engaging storytelling, to the surprising moments that add a cinematic touch. The choice of music is thoughtfully considered, and the most significant parts of the vows and speeches are carefully extracted.

However, this dedication requires time, and as a result, the cost of our service may surpass the market average. To accommodate everyone's needs, we offer two options: the full wedding video or a shorter version (the price varies based on the duration). Additionally, we provide the option to add extra videos to capture those special moments you don't want to forget. This choice stems from the requests of many couples, such as:

"Can we have the complete ceremony video?"

"Can we record all the speeches?"

"Alfredo, we want to immortalize our dance performance!"


What extra videos does Alfredo Mareschi provide in addition to the edited wedding video?

When couples asked me to film the complete ceremony, they told me: You can also put a camera on a tripod that records everything and give us the full shot!

We already know this doesn't work. This service also needs to be edited and I will explain the reasons:

- Photographers or other videomakers could pass and position themselves in front of the camera in a moment that cannot be stopped or repeated;

- We use microphones that we place on the groom's jacket, on the speakers (when available) or sometimes even on the celebrant. These need to be synchronized and sometimes adjust the audio levels of each. Without the microphones we use, the audio would not be of high quality, with a lot of background noise that would cover the promises.

- The same thing applies when you choose to make a video with two or more videomakers: The clips need to be synchronized!

- During a ceremony, there are still dead moments or sometimes errors, and these are precisely the reasons why you will never want to watch these videos again. Instead, the service I offer is its own video and you will be happy to see them again.

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Dance Coreography


Some couples even go to dance school for their wedding to prepare a choreography to be performed that day. And that's why they want to remember this moment

 We are here to create a unique and unforgettable memory of your wedding, tailored to your needs.

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