Intimate Wedding at Villa Antiche Mura in Sorrento

Destination Wedding in Sorrento From Ireland

Adrian and Laura

From Ireland With Love



Adrian and Laura contacted me a few months before the fateful moment that would have united them forever. A young, sparkling couple from Ireland hinterland with one desire: unite in eternal love in the magical atmosphere of the Sorrento coast.

The location chosen is Villa Antiche Mura in Sorrento, a private structure that is served by an exceptional catering. One of the advantages of this place is the phenomenal view you can enjoy, with the main house facing the sea. There are also several suggestive scenes and many elements to use to take truly enchanting photos


 I and my adjutant arrive early in Sorrento, even if the ritual will be celebrated hours later. The two spouses, Adrian and Laura, have a somewhat particular request. The invited guests are not more than 40, and immediately you notice the intimate atmosphere that family and friends create together. We also immediately notice another thing: as good custodians of tradition our Irish guests, on such a hot summer day like today, prefer to cool off with excellent cold beer. And how much beer! Liters and liters of Peroni, a rather light kind of beer produced in Italy, really pleasant to sip on a sunny, hot day like this one.



The last preparations are in full swing, the terrace here the function will be celebrated is getting finalized. 

The groom arrives, beautiful as the sun and with a contagious smile. Adrian comes to meet me, we greet each other and do a little briefing, checking that everything is in order and the schedule is clear us and the landlord that is helping with the ceremony, Michele.

Laura is really lovely in her long, classic cut dress, with the veil that ends beyond the dress. Simplicity is often the expression of an interior as well as external beauty. The looks are all for her, and Adrian wastes no time, rushing to kiss her: how to blame him and resist such a wonderful vision?

 The guests take their seats, even if we are almost at lunchtime and the sun is right over our heads, feeling hot. But the spouses remain stoic, despite the warmth, resisting under the scorching sun as they exchange promises of eternal love.

Adrian and Laura finally kiss, with transport and happiness, with the knowledge that they have fulfilled their dream of love.


The guests, all of them, slowly stand up one after another to applaud this magnificent pair of newlyweds. Even I get away for a moment from the camera’s viewfinder to give my contribution to the standing ovation.

 And the buffet opens! Glasses of champagne are served to the two spouses, who toast for all the present guests, while the iced Peroni and exceptional catering await the other guests.

 Now that they are all distracted, it is the perfect time to steal natural shots of pure joy and simplicity. Guests are very informal, and I can take pictures that I wouldn’t otherwise catch: everyone seems to have fun. The echo of the laughter of the guests resounds in every corner of the enchanting Villa Antiche Mura, which offers a very privileged view of Sorrento. 

While the guests are distracted, my assistant Giuseppe and I literally kidnap Adrian and Laura to capture some magical moments around the villa.

The villa itself even offers a secret passage that leads directly down to the beach! 

Working with such a couple is delightful: every shot is precious and significant, and the happiness in their eyes testifies to their deep love.

We take dozens and dozens of photos, without missing any precious moment, while the guests claim for the bride and groom. Only when we are satisfied and Adrian and Laura are almost exhausted we let them go: it is time to sit down at the main table and enjoy the dinner with friends and relatives.

I took hundreds of precious moments with my camera: Adrian and Laura have brought with them the joy of not taking themselves too seriously, the complicity of those who really know themselves well, the affection and love of all the guests.



Congratulations Adrian and Laura: I hope that life can always reserve the best for you!

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