CARPE DIEM | A film by Alfredo Mareschi

Wedding at Il Pilaccio nel Cilento

Thomas and Cristina

Wedding Video Trailer

Full Wedding Film

 Thomas and Cristina are a couple of Italian origins, but who have lived in Switzerland practically since they were born. I had the pleasure of telling both about their day in Switzerland, during the civil wedding, traveling between Zurich, Zollikon and Arth, and above all on their great Italian celebration, in Cilento, which brought together the whole big family at @ilpilaccionelcilento

However, each couple has its own story, and therefore all other moments are enclosed only in their complete film. In this short trailer, I wanted to tell what is personal and not found in all weddings: The parish priest's story, the search that God conducted for Thomas to reach his beloved Cristina and the union of the two after 11 years of engagement.

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