Wedding at Hotel Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea

from England to Italy to get married

In the evocative setting of Taormina, Tris and Richard experienced their special day at the Hotel Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea, overlooking the blue sea of Sicily.

I wanted to begin the story with Tris' touching promise, pronounced under an arch of brightly colored flowers during the symbolic ritual: "I saw it in the curves of your face, in your words, in your kindness..." she declared, promising love forever.

The trailer, a mix of significant moments, begins to play down the day with the happy memories of the civil ceremony at the Palazzo dei Duchi di Santo Stefano, alternating with fun moments during a walk in the historic vintage 500 in the center of Taormina, with the crowd on the street shouting "auguri"! The lively Sicilian tarantella underlines the festive atmosphere, while the couple, initially shy, are carried away by joy.

The video then reveals key moments: the exchange of rings, the touching story of the wedding proposal and romantic scenes on the hotel's private beach.

The change of atmosphere occurs with a unique choreography instead of the traditional first dance, and at a certain point involves all the guests in an explosion of happiness. This clip gave me such a sense of cinematography that I wanted to leave a single sequence shot.

The trailer ends with Richard's heartfelt vow that he will do his best to make Tris happy!

A special thank you to the wedding planner Ella Hartig, who from England was able to coordinate everything perfectly in every detail, and to the photographer Magda, with whom we had impeccable communication to the point of never getting in the way of each other's work.

Tris and Richard's wedding trailer

Full Wedding Film

And if the trailer has piqued your curiosity, I'm thrilled to present the complete video of Tris and Richard's wedding. Ten minutes of carefully crafted editing, following a captivating plot similar to the trailer, and not presented in chronological order. I'm confident that this video won't just captivate you; it might even leave you wanting more. While a chronological order might have resulted in a longer video, it could have risked becoming somewhat mundane compared to a traditional wedding video. Instead, I aimed to create the ultimate wedding video for this special couple.

Extra Videos

Full Ceremony

The video of the entire ceremony: With this video we travel through time. it's like being there again. No plot twists, just the genuine and sincere essence of their wedding ceremony, as it happened

Full Speeches

A 1 hour video wouldn't be enough to thank everyone. But with the extra video containing the full speeches, it's possible!

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