Wedding at I casali del Pino in Roma

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The Jewish Wedding of Simone and Carol

Simone and Carol united in marriage according to Jewish culture!

A Jewish wedding in Rome, a celebration of joy and love involving 350 people. The video of Simone and Carol's wedding, filmed at I Casali del Pino, captures the essence of this special day, full of emotions and tradition.

The dramatic introduction that accompanies the viewer to the setting up of the location and the arrival of the bride and groom, with the aim of not looking like a wedding video at all. The bride, glowing after her makeup, becomes emotional looking at herself in the mirror in her room, while the groom, after getting ready, goes with the witnesses and the rabbi to the place for the reading and signing of the Ketubah.

While waiting for everyone to take their seats, the groom and the witnesses make their entrance under the chuppah, and after an anxious wait, the bride makes her entrance, accompanied by her father, who entrusts her to the groom.

The ritual begins, with all the key moments of a Jewish wedding, the blessings, the exchange of the ring and the breaking of the glass.

After the ceremony, a series of moments are alternated

The first romantic moment, overturned by their entrance and then by a frenetic moment of dancing together with the guests. Here the couple splits, and they dance separately, until their friends sit them on chairs, lift them into the air and reunite them, shaking them in time to the music.

The frenzy is interrupted by the sensual voice of Tahnee Rodriguez, the first dance and the cutting of the cake.

And since they weren't tired yet, they continued dancing until late at night

A wedding video that not only tells a love story, but captures the essence of a culture and tradition. An indelible memory for Simone and Carol, and an emotional experience for those watching.

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Wedding Videographer in Roma

it was truly a pleasure to have been chosen by this couple as videographer of their wedding, and I am available to tell other love stories, not only in Rome but in any part of the world

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