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Creating a wedding video varies in cost from couple to couple, as each has unique needs and desires. That's why I offer the option to customize a quote based on your specific requirements, budget, and goals. While I provide some predefined packages, each can be tailored to best suit your individual preferences.

Most Popular Wedding Packages

Below you will find the services offered by Alfredo Mareschi as a wedding videographer. Please note that the estimate will concern local weddings and therefore travel costs will have to be added. At the bottom of the page you will find some of the destinations in which we have already worked, select the area where your wedding will take place. If it is not listed, contact me to receive a personalized quote for travel costs.


How to draw up a quote:

- Choose how to hire the first videographer, full day or hourly;

- Choose editing style and lenght;

- Choose the delivery time;

- Consider whether you need additional videographers;

- Add extra services: Drone Footage, Extra Video, 4k definition, RAW Files

- Choose the area of your wedding day for the travel cost

First Videographer

First Videographer

When you don't know how long your wedding day will last but you want every moment to be captured we recommend the full day.

Full day coverage will begin with the preparation and end with the cutting of the cake.

However, when you have a clear idea of what you want to be filmed within a very specific time frame, choose the hourly service.

Editing is not included in this service. Choose the editing style and duration in the next step.

Minimum 6 hours

600,00 €

Editing Style and Lenght

Chronologic Order or Intertwining narrative? Fabula or Plot? 
Choose the type of editing you prefer and then select the ideal length

Editing in Chronological Order - Fabula

An editing that follows the fabula, that is, in chronological order: The story of the day as it happens.

Choose your preferred length

100,00 €

25,00 € / m

Editing in Intertwining Narrative - Plot

An editing that follows the plot, an intertwining narrative, distorting the order of the day. The storyboard is then created through flashbacks and flashforwards creating suspense in the viewer.

50,00 €

50,00 € / m

Landscape Drone Footage

If you choose the drone service with a single videographer, it will only be used for descriptive shots of the surrounding landscape. If you want to shoot a moment in which the first videographer is already busy shooting from the ground, it is necessary to add an additional videographer (see additional videographers) capable of taking an aerial shot.


- Throwing rice

- Fireworks

200,00 €

Additional Videographers

If two situations are happening at the same time during your wedding day and you want to film both, you may need an additional videographer.

Some examples where an additional videographer is required:

- Preparation of the bride and groom at the same time in different places;

- Entrance of the groom and arrival of the bride by car;

- Promises of the spouses and emotions of the guests;

- Drone footage after the ceremony while the couple is leaving

- Couple session and preparation of the reception room before the guests enter;

- Couple session and aperitif for guests;

Additional Videographers

The cost of additional operators is the same for both hours and full days. After cutting the cake an extra €100/h will be required


400,00 €


Normally the video will be delivered via wetransfer platform or similar within 1 year from the date of the event. This is only an indicative delivery date written in the contract, but depending on the amount of work it is often possible to deliver within 6 months. However, if the couple can't wait to see the video it is possible to request faster delivery by purchasing the fast delivery service, i.e. delivery within 2 months from the wedding date

Fast Delivery

Video will be delivered via wetransfer platform or similar within 2 months from the event date

200,00 €

Extra Services

Full Ceremony

Only the salient moments of the ceremony are inserted in the full film, based on the story set by the videographer. With this service, the video of the entire ceremony will be delivered. Take a look at this video

200,00 €

Full Speeches Video

Only the salient moments of the speeches are inserted in the full film, based on the story set by the videographer. With this service, the video of the entire speeches will be delivered. Take a look at this video

200,00 €

Every year Alfredo Mareschi chooses about ten weddings to create videos to use for the sponsorship of his work, so in that case the client will be able to benefit from this creation. However he will follow his own artistic choices. To make sure that a video trailer is created specifically for the couple, it must be chosen during the negotiations.

Wedding Trailer

A video lasting from 2 to 4 minutes and follows the narrative interweaving technique. If you have chosen a complete short film, there is no point in requesting the trailer.

200,00 €

Wedding Reel

A 1 minute video in vertical format, designed specifically for Instagram, TikTok and YouTube shorts.

200,00 €

4K Definition

Enjoy every little detail thanks to the definition in 4k

300,00 €

RAW Files

Couples often like to review the moments taken during the day, as they were recorded, without any 

editing. it is important to underline that the clips will be raw, and therefore without color correction.

500,00 €

Travel Cost

Travel cost must be calculated each time based on the number of videographers, time of year, exact locations and availability of travel services. However, below you can find an idea of the travel cost of some areas where we work more frequently.

0,00 €

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